Application examples

This section provides demonstrations for a variety of applications of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). It includes passive and active designs covering a range of material platforms. Every example relies of a design kit, such as a Process Design Kit (PDK) or an Assembly Design Kit (ADK). These are library provided by a foundry or packaging/testing house that contains building blocks, models, technology files and rule files. Designers can create their photonic integrated circuits using the readily available building blocks offered by foundry PDKs, and combine them with customized components.

The examples rely on a mixture of design kits. IPKISS comes with a custom PDK called SiFab is used for training and for demonstrations. Several external design kits are also included within IPKISS, such as the Cornerstone and SiEpic PDK’s. Finally several examples rely on design kits that are not included. For these you will need to contact the provider directly if you wish to access the design kit. These examples are still instructive to look at.

For a complete list of PDKs and ADKs supported by Luceda, please check out our website.