Welcome to Luceda Academy!

Luceda Academy is an online hub where you can find the necessary resources to improve your designing skills using all the tools in the Luceda ecosystem. Whether this is your first time using IPKISS or you are an experienced IPKISS user, this is the right place for you. Here you will find:

  • Getting started with IPKISS guides, for your first discovery journey through what IPKISS offers.
  • Topical training guides, for an in-depth dive into specific topics and use cases. Learn about new and exciting applications, such as designing AWG filters and building your own internal libraries.

Head over to the Download samples page to obtain a package containing all the examples shown on this website.

Luceda Academy PDK

Luceda Academy is built using SiFab, a standalone PDK that looks very much like a foundry PDK. In the SiFab documentation you can find a list of all the components with usage examples.

New to Python?

IPKISS is based on Python. Are you new to Python? Don’t worry, we got you covered! It’s an easy language to learn. Follow this tutorial to get started: Introduction to Python.