Creating a Hierarchical Layout


In this tutorial we build the layout of a ring-loaded Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (RLMZI). A RLMZI is made of a splitter that splits the light in two separate arms. Each arm evanescently couples to a ring-resonator. Then the light of the two arms is coherently combined in a combiner. Using RLMZIs a large number of frequency-responses can be engineered.

A RLMZI is made of several smaller PCells that are used together in a larger component. Using hierarchy, you can partition the design into manageable and reusable blocks which are easier to maintain. After completion you should be able to build layouts for hierarchical component in IPKISS.

Ring resonator

A layout of a ring resonator with the used parameters


  1. Learn about Layout-level hierarchy

  2. Learn about transformations

  3. Learn about waveguides and waveguide templates

  4. Learn about ports and routes


  1. Working with PCells