class ipkiss3.all.FunctionNameProperty
property which calls a get and set method to set the variables.

the get and set method are specified by name, so it supports override, but is slower than FunctionProperty. If set method is not specified, then the property is considered locked and cannot be set.

fget_name: str

The name of the method that will be called when getting the property.

fset_name: str, optional

The name of the method that will be called when setting the property

doc: str, optional

A docstring explaining the meaning and purpose of the property.


class Example(StrongPropertyInitializer):

    hello = "world"

    def fget(self):
        return self.hello

    def fset(self, value):
        self.hello = value

    # The following property will be locked.
    fnprop = FunctionProperty(fget_name='fget')

    fnprop_set = FunctionProperty(fget_name='fget', fset_name='fset')

example = Example()

print(example.fnprop) # -> prints "world"

example.fnprop_set = "abc"
print(example.fnprop) # -> prints "abc"