Release notes IPKISS 3.2.0

The IPKISS 3.2 design platform introduces physical device simulation links to CST Studio Suite and Lumerical FDTD Solutions. It also introduces generation of circuit models based on S-parameter data (simulation or measurement-based).

In addition, there’s a series of bugfixes and improvements. The full list of improvements can be found in the changelog.

Highlights are shown below:

Model building

We’ve added utilities to add circuit simulation models to your PCells based on S parameter data: touchstone import, B-spline fitting for S parameter data, simple model testing and checks (passivity and reciprocity). Please check the tutorial on building models from S-parameter data. Circuits created with IPKISS can then be simulated with these new models.

# Load s-matrix from touchstone data
smat = i3.circuit_sim.SMatrix1DSweep.from_touchstone(os.path.join('data', 'dircoup.s4p'), unit='um')

# Create a bspline model
bsplinesmodel = i3.circuit_sim.BSplineSModel.from_smatrix(smat, k=3)
Fit data to bspline model

Documentation improvements & new tutorials