Release notes IPKISS 3.1.0

Ipkiss 3.1 introduces an EDA integrated design flow based on the combination of the Ipkiss framework with the L-Edit layout tool by Mentor Graphics.

  • The Python script UI is ideally suited for component design, component exploration tape-outs, as well as the creation of complex parametric cells and full-fledged circuits. The software ensures that parametric cells can be reused within your organization.

  • The L-Edit based GUI is the path to take if you want to leverage standard EDA functionality in combination with specialized photonics design, and need to integrate your design with electronic driver circuits.

Ipkiss 3.1 contains a lot of bugfixes and small improvements compared to Ipkiss 3.0.1. A detailed list can be found in the changelog.

There are a few changes in Ipkiss 3.1 that introduce a backward incompatibility with Ipkiss 3.0.1. These are explained in more detail in the porting guide.