class ip_manager.testing.LayoutToNetlistTest

Test that the netlist (terms, instances, nets) extracted from the LayoutView matches the NetlistView.

Uses the ipkiss3 netlist extraction functionality.


from ip_manager.testing import LayoutToNetlistTest
import pytest

class MyComponent(i3.PCell):
    class Layout(i3.LayoutView):
    class Netlist(i3.NetlistView):

class TestMyComponent(LayoutToNetlistTest):
    def component(self):
        return MyComponent(name="my_component")

    def dive_deep(self):
        return False  # only compare the toplevel

Fixture for configuring the depth of the test.

True: dive into the full hierarchy. False: only compare the toplevel.

abstract component()

Fixture returning the component (i3.PCell object) to be tested.

Needs to be implemented by the user.


Fixture specifying the library name to use in the files.

Defaults to