class ip_manager.testing.CircuitModelTest

Abstract base class for testing the CircuitModelView

Provides fixtures for custom higher level tests with S-models to ensure circuit behaviour stays correct. This test does not require a reference file.


Fixture returning the circuit model view to be tested.

Defaults to the default CircuitModelView of component.

smatrix(circuitmodel, wavelengths)

Fixture returning the S-matrix calculated from ‘circuitmodel’.

Calls get_smatrix() on circuitmodel. Uses the wavelengths fixture, which needs to be defined by the user.


Fixture specifying the wavelength array for which to generate the smatrix fixture.

Takes the form of a numpy array or a list. Needs to be overriden by the user.


Fixture specifying a list of term links to be plotted in the HTML report in case of failed tests.


Fixture specifying the power [dB] range, for example: (-20.0, 0.0).

An empty tuple or ‘False’ means that a linear scale will be employed instead of a dB-scale.

Note that ‘autouse=True’ should always be supplied!

abstract component()

Fixture returning the component (i3.PCell object) to be tested.

Needs to be implemented by the user.


Fixture specifying the library name to use in the files.

Defaults to