What is IPKISS?

IPKISS is a parametric design framework for integrated circuits, and in particular for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). It revolves around the sound engineering concept that duplicating information in the design process is dangerous: at some point you will make an error (copy-pasting the wrong component, or forgetting to modify a parameter in one place).

In IPKISS, you can define parametric cells (PCells) where all your design information is integrated into one place. IPKISS then handles the transition between the different steps in your design flow and makes sure that the necessary information is available and correct.

IPKISS is based on Python, an easy to learn yet very powerful programming language that is widely used in engineering, science, data science, and automation.

The following sections outline all you need to know to use IPKISS effectively, from how to design components and circuits, through to managing libraries and working as a team.

  • Introduction: A brief overview of what IPKISS is.

  • Guides: In-depth guides on all the functionality available in IPKISS.

  • Working as a team: How to leverage the IPKISS tool suite when building a library or working as part of a team.

  • Glossary: A handy glossary of terms you might encounter when using IPKISS, or more widely when designing PICs.