PDK structure

An IPKISS Process Design Kit (PDK) consists of:

PDK Source and distributable PDK

When implementing a process design kit, we make a difference between the distributable PDK and the PDK source:

  • The Distributable PDK is the end product of the PDK implementation. It is what you send to the end user who will use the PDK to create a design.

  • The PDK source contain everything you need to implement, verify and distribute the PDK. It may contain more files than the end user of the PDK will see or be allowed to see.

You are free to directly distribute the PDK sources if your intellectual property (IP) boundary conditions permit that. Nevertheless, if you want to set up future-proof internal procedures we advise you to follow the methodology suggested here.

Link for Siemens EDA supports generating PDK Source and from a Distributable PDK:

  • Automating the generation and verification of a Distibutable PDK from a PDK Source.

  • Generation of interface files for 3rd party EDA tool integration such as OpenAccess databases.