class ipkiss3.all.device_sim.LumericalFDTDSimulation

Define a simulation for use with Lumerical’s FDTD Solutions.

For the tutorial, please check Ansys Lumerical FDTD tutorial.

The following parameters are exposed to the Lumerical GUI:

  • project_folder: location of the project on the computer.

  • bbox_xmin, bbox_xmax, bbox_ymin, bbox_ymax, bbox_zmin, bbox_zmax: the bounding box geometry where the simulation is defined

  • port_{{PORT_NAME}}_x, port_{{PORT_NAME}}_y, port_{{PORT_NAME}}_z : the position of the port with name {{PORT_NAME}}.

  • start_wl, stop_wl: start and stop wavelength.

geometry: SimulationGeometry, required

The geometrical setup (objects, materials, …) we want to simulate

safe_mode: ( ( bool, bool_ or int ) ), optional, *None allowed*

Launch FDTD in safe mode. Only valid for Ansys Lumerical >= 2020.Default is False because safe mode disables writing to files (which we use to store the simulation results).Set this value to None when using an older version of Lumerical.

lumerical_exe_path: str and String that contains only ISO/IEC 8859-1 (extended ASCII py3) or pure ASCII (py2) characters, optional

Path to the fdtd-solutions executable. By default guess from registry keys on Windows, path on Linux.

project_folder: str and String that contains only ISO/IEC 8859-1 (extended ASCII py3) or pure ASCII (py2) characters, optional

Path to the Lumerical project files

headless: ( bool, bool_ or int ), optional

Don’t launch FDTD Solutions’ user interface when calculating results.

verbose: ( bool, bool_ or int ), optional

Log messages to FDTD Solutions’ console.

driver: optional

Lumerical simulation driver

solver_material_map: dict, optional

Mapping of ipkiss TECH.MATERIALS items onto names that represent a native material in a electromagnetic solver. If specified, this map is used to reuse the native materials in the solver. Default is empty, which means we use the information available from TECH.MATERIALS to create the different materials in the solver.

setup_macros: list and List with type restriction, allowed types: (<class ‘ipkiss3.simulation.device._simapi.Macro’>, <class ‘ipkiss3.simulation.device._simapi.MacroFile’>), optional

Tool-specific macros to run as part of the job setup.

outputs: list, optional

Outputs of the simulation.

monitors: list, optional

Monitors to capture the fields within a simulation

Other Parameters:
engine: locked