IPKISS Canvas - Python API

API functions for interacting with the IPKISS Canvas. The Canvas guide gives in-depth information on the usage.

Visualizing an IPKISS design in Canvas

An IPKISS design can be schematically shown in Canvas using the to_canvas method.

Exporting libraries and PDKs

export_ipkiss_library(library_path[, ...])

Export JSON file for a library (directory with an all.py file).

export_pdk(pdk_path[, pdk_name, symbols, ...])

Export JSON file for a PDK library with a <pdk_path>/ipkiss/<pdk_name> folder structure

export_cell_terms(cell[, term_position_map, ...])

Export the terms for a cell into schematic JSON datastructure

symbol_params_from_cell(cell[, viewtype, ...])

Extract and serialize parameters from a cell and its specified view, cast into IPKISS GUI models.



Symbol image identifiers used by the IPKISS GUI



An enumeration.


Importing schematics into an IPKISS cell

load_design(project_file, lib_name, cell_name)

Load a design from IPKISS Canvas and returns the instances, links and external_terms.