Working with Luceda IP Manager

Luceda IP Manager is an IPKISS module that enables photonic design teams to automate the validation of photonic design IP libraries and process design kits (PDKs).

IP Manager helps to avoid costly mistakes by testing various aspects of photonic IP building blocks and circuits, such as layout, connectivity and simulation. This leads to a lower design iteration time and improved knowledge sharing and retention, empowering teams to keep fabricating high-quality PICs and reduce the time-to-market.

Introduction to IP Manager

Concept of regression testing and change control with IP Manager.

Luceda IP Manager provides the following features:

  • Predefined tests that enable to

    • Test the layout, netlist and circuit model of components against known good references, to capture desired or undesired changes.

    • Test a netlist extracted from layout against the formal netlist of a component.

    • Test the virtual fabrication definition.

  • Regeneration of known-good reference files.

  • Definition of own custom tests, including tests on S-parameters such as passivity, free spectral range, etc.

  • Easy setup for testing example code files for training or documentation.

  • Multiple ways to visualize test results, which can be printed into the console, visualized inside most Python IDEs (such as PyCharm), or exported into an HMTL file.

IP Manager is based on the powerful Python framework pytest, which gives powerful ways to define tests using the Python programming language. In this way, IP Manager provides the benefit of using a standard software tool while adding crucial features for photonic design automation and validation.

IP Manager can be used from your favourite Python IDE such as the recommended PyCharm IDE, or from the Python command line.