Porting from Ipkiss 3.9 to Ipkiss 3.10

Removal of IPKISS2


The old ipkiss.primitives package has been removed. Import from ipkiss3 instead:

# OLD ipkiss2:
from ipkiss.primitives.elements.shape import Boundary
from ipkiss.primitives.group import Group
# NEW:
from ipkiss3.all import Boundary, Group


ipkiss3.numerical.polyval, which was a numba-accelerated version of numpy polyval, is no longer needed. Instead, you can directly use numpy.polyval. ipkiss3.numerical.polyval may be removed in a future version of IPKISS.

# IPKISS 3.9
from ipkiss3.numerical import polyval
import numpy as np
polyval(np.asarray([1, 2, 1]), 5.0)
# IPKISS 3.10
import numpy as np
np.polyval(np.asarray([1, 2, 1]), 5.0)