Known backwards incompatibilities in 3.6.0

Known changes in 3.6.0

Stubbing of acute angles

Due to a bugfix in ipkiss3.all.get_stub_elements() stubs for which the stub_width can’t be reached when limit_stub_length=True (as the stubs would exceed the points that they are trying to fix), are now calculated correctly. These stubs are now smaller. This bugfix might introduce changes in your layout.

Tapered waveguide

Facet angles of bend sections in ipkiss3.all.TaperedWaveguide are now correctly (and explicitly) set, which might introduce changes in your layout.

AWG fanout in waveguide arrays

Straight sections are added to the fanout of the star coupler apertures in awg_designer.all.RectangularWaveguideArray, awg_designer.all.RectangularTaperedWaveguideArray, and awg_designer.all.SWaveguideArray, to avoid snapping issues when the hierarchy is flattened. This will introduce small changes in the layout (in order to fix the snapping errors). This behavior is more in line with how the AWGs were drawn in IPKISS < 3.5.