IPKISS Canvas - Library compatibility

IPKISS Canvas defines two file formats:

  • .icproject: This defines a project that can be opened by IPKISS Canvas. The project file contains information such as the PDKs/libraries attached to this project and which schematics are opened by the user.

  • ‘.iclib’: This defines a PDK / library. Each cell of the PDK / library may have symbols and/or a schematic.

Both files are json files and hence human readable. The project and library files come with a specific version, stored as one of the json keys. We use this version to identify how the json file should look like, i.e., what data it stores.

As much as we can, we maintain backward compatibility, which means older IPKISS Canvas files can be loaded into newer versions of IPKISS Canvas. If that is not the case, it will be mentioned in the table below. We do not ensure forward compatibility, which means newer files cannot be loaded into older versions of IPKISS Canvas.


If you load an older project of IPKISS Canvas into a new version of IPKISS Canvas, it will automatically get upgraded to the latest version. An upgrade may mean some details change - those are linked in the table below and in the backward compatibility notes and porting guidelines, see compatibility and porting. Once migrated, projects cannot be opened anymore in older versions of the tool.

The table below shows the IPKISS version together with the latest library version it supports. Every listed IPKISS version works with the indicated library file version or below, and every library version needs the indicated IPKISS version or above.


Library (iclib file)

Project (icproject file)





First release




Symbol and terms position from the symbol’s center.