An Arrayed Waveguide Grating. Used for filtering light (mux/demux). This device is used a lot in telecommunication and biosensing. Luceda has a separate product ‘Luceda AWG Designer’, which allows a user to create AWGs based on high-level specifications and generate both the physical layout and simulation models.


Eigen Mode Expansion (and propagation). A physical simulation methodology to solve Maxwell’s equations. Typically limited to structures in which light propagates mainly in one direction but can be fast while sufficiently accurate.


Finite Difference Time Domain. A physical simulation methodology to solve Maxwell’s equations. Accurate (limited by grid size and material models) and generic (e.g. all-angle) but memory and time consuming.


Free Propagation Region. The open slab area in a star coupler of an AWG or Echelle grating in which the light can freely propagate in-plane.

Material Stack

A stack of layers of different materials and heights, representing one possible cross-section resulting from a planar IC fabrication process.


Mach-Zehnder Interferometer. A photonic circuit used to filter light. See also Mach-Zehnder Interferometers.


Photonic Integrated Circuit

Scatter Matrix

The behavior of a passive optical device can be described by its scatter matrix (S-matrix, S-parameters). Please check scatter matrix for more information.