Designing with a Luceda PDK

Luceda PDK

A process design kit (PDK) is a library provided by a foundry that contains basic photonic components, models, technology files and rule files. PDKs allow photonic designers to gain access to the fabrication services offered by a foundry. Designers can create their photonic integrated circuits using readily available building blocks offered by foundry PDKs, and combine them with customized components.

Luceda Photonics offers access to a wide variety of PDKs in multiple material platforms as part of the Luceda Photonics Design Platform. These Luceda PDKs are built and maintained in a structural way by our PDK engineers, to ensure that our users have the smoothest possible experience when taping out with a foundry.

Learn how to create photonic designs ready for tape-out using an Luceda PDK by following the tutorials below.