To use the samples from Luceda Academy, you first need an IPKISS installation and license. If you don’t have IPKISS yet, contact us at so we can get you started with an evaluation.

Step-by-step installation

  1. Install IPKISS and the license by following these instructions.

  2. Download and install PyCharm (

  3. Download the Luceda Academy samples:

    1. Go to Download samples and subscribe.
    2. Check your e-mail inbox, where you will receive an e-mail containing the link to download the samples. If you don’t receive the e-mail, please check your spam folder and add the sender to the Safe Senders list (click here for a guide on how to do that).
    3. The default download location is C:\luceda, but you can choose a different folder if you wish, as long as it has write access.
  4. Configure PyCharm to run the Luceda Academy samples correctly:

    1. Open PyCharm.
    2. Click on File -> Open and select the Luceda Academy folder (the default location is C:luceda).
    1. Set up the correct IPKISS Python interpreter:
      • Go to File -> Settings…
      • In the “Project” section, select “Project Interpreter” and a new window will pop up.
      • Click on the gear symbol on the top right of the window and select “Add…”. A new window will pop up.
      • Tick “Existing environment”, then click on the three dots on the right side.
      • Select the IPKISS Python interpreter: C:\luceda\ipkiss_330\python\envs\ipkiss3\python.exe
    1. To make sure IPKISS knows which source directories to look into, add the following folders to the PYTHONPATH:
      • additional_utils
      • library\si_fab\si_fab\ipkiss

    To do that, right click on each folder and click on “Mark Directory as…” -> “Sources Root”.

  5. Test that everything runs correctly:

    1. In the Luceda Academy project in PyCharm, open training\getting_started\component_mmi\
    2. Right click on the file or on the code editor window and select “Run mmi_layout”.